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Latest News 2018

03/20/18: Letter of Gratitude from Gloria Motivar (Colombia)

03/20/18: Poem: Arrows Of Fire by Brenda Lopez (Miami, FL)

03/20/18: SergioAnnette's Testimony (United States)

03/20/18: "Love Is An Action" by AnthonyOlga and Priscilla Albarracin (MUSIC VIDEO)

03/20/18: Greetings from Honduras, Colombia and United Staes (March 2018)

03/20/18: Evangelism in Sonaguera, Honduras (March 2018)

03/20/18: Ineffable Words: If In this Life We Only Wait For Christ (03/18/18)

03/20/18: Writing: Return Home by Soledad Godoy (Honduras)

03/13/18: Radio Program Report from Soacha, Colombia

03/13/18: Writing: Justice Or injustice by JoseZoila (Venezuela)

03/13/18: Writing: Our Parents God MelquisedecLisbet by Soledad Godoy (Honduras)

03/13/18: Ineffable Words: Many Will Be Purified and Will Remain Clean (03/11/18)

03/13/18: Poem: Christ Lisbet, You Are by Juan Bautista Oquendo (Cuba)

03/13/18: Testimony: Elsa of MelquisedecLisbet (Cuba)

03/13/18: Testimony: Kathya Cobeña (United States)

03/06/18: Javier Gomez's Testimony (United States)

03/06/18: Aydee Millan's Testimony (Miami, FL)

03/06/18: Letter from RobertoIvania (Nicaragua)

03/06/18: Letter from Maria Navas (Venezuela)

03/06/18: A Greeting from JacsonSimone (Brazil)

03/06/18: Greetings from the holy angels in the nations (Colombia, Miami and Brazil)

03/06/18: Ineffable Words: Without Holiness No One Will See The Lord, part 3 (03/04/18)

03/06/18: "Mysteries of the Wife from Songs" by KevinVera (Colombia)

02/21/18: "Our Shield" by OmarKarina (MUSIC VIDEO)

02/21/18: Testimony: Norma Catalina Gemio (Bolivia)

02/21/18: Testimony: Lia of MelquisedecLisbet (Costa Rica)

02/21/18: Letter: OmarKarina (Puerto Rico)

02/21/18: Poem: "Song to MelquisedecLisbet" by JulioFabiola (Colombia)

02/21/18: Writing: "Two Dispensations" by PedroVilba (Colombia)

02/21/18: Writing: "You Must Make A Decision" by JoseZoila -(Venezuela)

02/21/18: Ineffable Words: I Give You The Peace Of God (02-25-18)

02/21/18: Ineffable Words: Ministers of Satan (02/18/18)

02/21/18: Evangelism at the Paradise City Comic Con in South Florida (February 2018)

02/21/18: New Billboard in Zacapa, Honduras - February 2018

02/21/18: "Worship To Christ Lisbet" by Rosario Ramos (MUSIC VIDEO)

02/21/18: JuanIgneglia's Testimony from Houston, Texas (February 2018)

02/21/18: JimmyLaura's Testimony from Houston, Texas (February 2018)

02/21/18: Greeting from Linda America, a Japhethite from Honduras (February 2018)

02/21/18: Greeting and Poem from ManuelEnid from Peru (February 2018)

02/13/18: Ineffable Words: The Gender of Jesus Christ (02/11/18)

02/13/18: Greeting from Concepcion Silva from United States (February 2018)

02/13/18: "Christ Lisbet Gave Me The Joy Of Eternity" by Martha Hurtado (MUSIC VIDEO)

02/13/18: Juan Jacobo Tapias's Testimony from Ibague, Colombia (February 2018)

02/13/18: Superior Race Anyelo's Testimony from Guatemala (February 2018)

02/13/18: Poem: "The Verb Made Flesh" by JoeRoxana from United States (February 2018)

02/13/18: Poem: "Go Lisbet" by JoseZoila from Venezuela (February 2018)

02/13/18: Larissa Mendez's Testimony from United States (February 2018)

02/06/18: "Your Faithful People" by Sonia Serge (MUSIC VIDEO)

02/06/18: Ineffable Words - Exhortation To Those Who Have Not Seen The Father In Me (02/04/18)

02/06/18: JoseMaria's Letter from Miami, United States (February 2018)

02/06/18: Amparo Gomez's Testimony from Ibagué, Colombia (February 2018)

02/06/18: LuisLissette's Testimony from Puerto Rico (February 2018)

02/06/18: Samir Romero's Testimony from Colombia (February 2018)

02/06/18: Poem: "The Eternity With Lisbet" by OrlandoHilma from Brazil (February 2018)

02/06/18: Poem: "The Word, Living and Active" by IvanEsner from Colombia (February 2018)

01/30/18: "Eternal Rock" by Malvis Correa (MUSIC VIDEO)

01/30/18: Poem: "The Love Of My Mother" by AnthonyOlga from Peru (January 2018)

01/30/18: Poem: "Bread Of Life" by RaulClara (January 2018)

01/30/18: RalphSolange's Testimony from Brazil (January 2018)

01/30/18: A Letter from Manuel Cediel from Bogotá, Colombia (January 2018)

01/30/18: Report from visit to Juiz De Fora, Brazil (January 2018)

01/30/18: Ineffable Words - Whoever Adds Or Removes From This Book 01/28/18

01/16/18: Poem: "The Sound of Your Voice" by Juan Bautista Oquendo from Cuba (January 2018)

01/16/18: María del Carmen Portela's Testimony from Colombia (January 2018)

01/16/18: Karen Gonzales's Testimony from Bolivia (January 2018)

01/16/18: Sandra Hernández's Testimony from Guatemala (January 2018)

01/16/18: Letter of Gratitude from LindembergAline from Brazil (January 2018)

01/16/18: "The Personified Wisdom of God the Father Melquisedec in His Wife Lisbet" by Martha Hurtado (MUSIC VIDEO)

01/16/18: Ineffable Words: The Promised Land, God's Great Love, part 3 (01/14/18)

01/16/18: Writing: "The New Creation Is The Holy Being Who Was Born Of Christ Lisbet" by JoseZoila from Venezuela (January 2018)

01/09/18: The Best Gift (Feast, Sunday 01/07/18)

01/09/18: "My Mother Is Christ Lisbet" by Angela and Annelisse MUSIC VIDEO

01/09/18: Ineffable Words: The Sin of Moses in the Garden of Eden (01/07/18)

01/09/18: Writing: "The Kingdom of Salem" by Reginaldo Lima from Brazil (January 2018)

01/09/18: Writing: "The Definition of Patience" by JoeRoxana (January 2018)

01/09/18: JimmyLaura's Testimony from Houston (January 2018)

01/09/18: Letter of Gratitude from Rosario Ramos from Colombia (January 2018)

01/09/18: Visit to Platero, Honduras (January 2018)

01/09/18: Evangelism in El Alto, Bolivia (January 2018)

01/03/18: "Happy Eternity" by MiguelÁngela, LoganSuyapa, HéctorAdriana, HugoVioleta and HenryViviana MUSIC VIDEO

01/03/18: The Land Shall Give Its Fruit (Feast, Sunday 12/31/17)

01/03/18: Ineffable Words: The Promised Land, God's Great Love, part 2 (December 2017)

01/03/18: Writing: "Thoughts To Our MelquisedecLisbet" by Sonia Serge from Colombia

01/03/18: Writing: "A New Creation That Sets Foot On Land" by JoséZoila from Venezuela

01/03/18: Sol Valentina's Testimony from Colombia (December 2017)

01/03/18: NelsonMónica's Testimony from Brazil (December 2017)

01/03/18: Letter of Gratitude from JohnGreilys from Miami, FL (December 2017)

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